Big Time Music Productions began operating in Kansas City, MO with the recording of The Rainmakers' "Flirting with the Universe"(1993) and then later "Skin" (1996) for Polygram Records.
Since then the steady stream of repeat customers speaks volumes for producer/engineer Steve Phillips. Steve was one of the founding members of The Rainmakers and remains active in the international music scene as a member the Celtic rock band The Elders.
His lifelong love of music, attention to detail, and great ear will insure your success in the studio. Steve has always maintained that while high quality gear is a must, the ears are even more important: "You must able to hear where everything belongs in the sonic spectrum and know how to get it there."
Big Time's reasonable rates, combined with Steve's personal supervision of all projects, enable cost-effective, high quality productions for any project, large or small.
If you are looking for a place to feel comfortable and creative and want the best recording your money can buy, this is it!

Big Time Music Productions